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This is the web log for Midian Ranch, an isolated homestead in rural Nevada. It is owned by Jason and Tina Walters, whom are also its regular posters. This blog is exclusively for the enlightenment and edification of our friends, family, and colleagues.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Late October

There’s nothing extremely exciting to report. As a last minuet precaution before my inspection, I had Ron Cole look over my work. Then I cancelled the inspection. There was absolutely no way that the ranch house was going to pass without a lot more effort. So I’ve spent the last few weeks going back and forth between California and Nevada, alternately working on one house or the other. Ron has been kindly advising and assisting me in my attempts to get up to code. It’s kind of like being back in school, with Ron as my professor. I’ve learned all about the NEC (National Electrical Code) and what the various inspectors want to see while they’re here.

So, while I’ve suffered a small delay, it’s nothing that some time and money won’t fix. While I don’t have an unlimited amount of either, I think I have enough to get over this particular hurdle. Then (of course) it’s on to the next hurdle!

In other ranch news, I think that I’ve finally got the water situation under control. Barker Spring is beginning to get more active (which is normal this time of year) and is gradually increasing its flow rate. I hope to be back up to the optimal 2/3’s normal household pressure within a month. I’ve also built a 110-gallon reserve out of two 55-gallon plastic drums that are linked together and sealed. Each has its own vigorous pump that is capable of pressurizing the house – and, not incidentally, water heater – up to maximum in a matter of seconds. Now you can wash the dishes, brush your teeth, or take a shower here exactly like you were back in civilization.

Ah, progress!


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