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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Last Steam Train

OK – so I wasn’t expecting much when I heard that the “last steam train” would be stopping in Gerlach for a half hour. I figured it would a cute, red, wood-burning, Old West-y looking thing that would amble into town, get some water, and wander up the tracks with a few toot-toots.

Boy was I wrong.

The “last steam train” was, well, one of the last steam trains ever manufactured: a massive, brutish, jet black contraption straight out of Atlas Shrugged. A quintessential piece of wondrous dead-tech somehow dropped into our world from the pages of a steampunk novel, it’s powered by boiling massive amounts of water using – wait for it – diesel fuel! Instead of actually burning the diesel in an internal combustion engine, it uses it to create stream in an external combustion engine in a marvelous display of over-engineering.

The wonderful thing was obsolete before it even left the factory floor.

Have a look at the pictures above to get an idea of the sheer size of the thing.


Anonymous Tom R. said...

Gosh. That train is almost as big as the future Hummer V :)

4:51 PM  

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