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Monday, September 19, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

My first time at Midian alone:

Jaime and I went to Burning Man together and were planning on hanging out at Midian, Sunday night (Labor Day Eve). As I was preparing for my long holiday weekend, I found out the books that didn’t show up last Friday would be delivered SOMETIME next week (Sept. 6th - Sept 9th) even though we told the printer since they messed up they had to hold the books and have them delivered on Sept 16th. So, since our books were already in Sparks, the easiest thing to do would be for me to wait for the delivery. So after Burning man Jaime, Keri, Bob and I meet Jason at the ranch. Jaime, Keri and Bob leave Monday morning and Jason and I spend Monday together. Ron and Dahlia invited us for dinner, so Jason decided he’d stay the night at the ranch and leave at like 4am Tuesday and go to work late. Then it was just me 'n Snap.

I called the trucking company to see if they had an ETA. They tell me probably Wednesday but no later then Thursday. So I had Tuesday all to myself. I stepped outside and saw a rabbit about 20 feet in front of me just nibbling away at some breakfast. I thought "Well, heck, I could totally shoot him." Then of course I thought "What then heck then; I don’t like the taste of rabbit and he’d be a lot less cute then." So I watched him for a while and tried to see just how close I could get to him.

I decided to putter around the house on Tuesday. I wanted to sweep, mop, and generaly tidy since Lynn (Jason’s mom) was coming for her first visit. Our internet was great that day, so checked my email and did some IM’ing then went about my chores for the day hoping the delivery would arrive early-ish Wednesday.

At 4pm I decide to go back to the computer and the internet to see how Jason was doing. I looked out the window and there was a semi pulling inn! I threw on my shoes, jumped in the car, and jammed down to the warehouse. Dude didn’t have a lift gate and his pallet jack was broken. He broke open the pallets and brought the boxes to the edge of the truck for me to grab and put on the pallets in the warehouse. 30 minutes and 3500 lbs later we had three new titles living in the Hero Games warehouse... PHEW…

I went back to the house until it cooled down a bit and those dang flies were gone. Once it cooled down, I went back to the warehouse stacked the new books better then called it quits. I watched some movies, had some dinner, and went to bed. My plan was to leave at around noon since the books showed up early… um late… um SHOWED UP. I was packed, shut everything off, set the drip feed system and was out the door at 11:45.

I really enjoyed my time alone there. I had the “TEST DAY” freak out before Jason left, but once he was gone. I remembered how to do everything. The only thing I forgot was to bring the bread home EWWWWWWW.

I am very proud of my wife. As always she hung tough and did a good job.


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